"Made in China" Communication Arts Illustration Annual, Award of Excellence. Oil on Panel.

"Play to Win", Playboy Magazine (Spain) Acrylic & Molding Paste.

"On the Clock", Playboy Magazine (Spain), Acrylics & Gel/Molding Paste.

"Elderly Driving", RACC Magazine (Spain), Alkyds on Panel & Gel/Molding Paste..

"John Lee Hooker", El Dominical Magazine (Spain), Acrylic on Panel.

"Developing Countries", EATN Magazine (Germany), Acrylic on Panel.

"Him or Her, Who's the Best Boss?", Mujer 21 Magazine (Spain), Acrylics & Molding Gel.

"Making Big Money Online", Ganar Mas, El Periodico de Catalunya (Spain), India Ink on Cardboard.

"Against the ropes", Playboy Magazine (Spain), Acrylic on Panel.

“Pendent Assignment”, Libros (Spain), Excellence Award by the Society of Newspaper Design. Alkyds on Panel.

"Little Red Riding Hood / Reloaded" (3D-eBook) Zuzumo Digital Books. Available on the iBookstore.

"El Bosque de mis Libros", Gala Hispanic Theatre of Washington (USA), Interactive Animation.